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„We all deserve a magic moment”

An important aspect of meeting events is the matching of needs, and this is a great opportunity for our venue, considering the size and image of each event, its service can be varied and developed as required.

      You have the opportunity to choose the ideal for serving meals, whether it is Swedish buffet or individual serving, our goal is to make each event memorable, so that of course the participating big community will get closer to each other. Larger graduation ceremonies, grade meetings, class meetings, and banquets can be one of the best choices for our event tent, with our auxiliary services (boarding accommodation for guests from far away) at your disposal.

Magic Moments … the moment of magic !

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Making your reservation on any other booking website will cost you 10-15% more in unnecessary commissions. When you book directly with us there are no commissions to pay. You’ll always find our lowest prices here so you can save your money for your trips!