Csikszentkirály No.736,Hargita county,Romania, 0745-501-500



 „We all deserve a magic moment”

     Respecting the traditional flavors inherited from our ancestors, we travel boldly to the fantastic and inexhaustible area of ​​gastronomy, hoping to provide outstanding culinary experiences in our restaurant.

     Whether it is a continental breakfast for a guest stayed or a “All you can eat” lunch in our daily program, up to pre-booked group dinners, our kitchen’s enthusiastic staff will make the most of the freshest and best ingredients for our dear guests.

     In our two halls, we can seat up to 110 people, the small hall for 35 people, in a large Hall for 75 people.

      Operational Program:

From 08:00 to 10:00 – Breakfast for ‘Guests’.

Lunch and dinner only for booked groups!

Magic Moments … the moment of magic !

Making your reservation on any other booking website will cost you 10-15% more in unnecessary commissions. When you book directly with us there are no commissions to pay. You’ll always find our lowest prices here so you can save your money for your trips!