Csikszentkirály No.736,Hargita county,Romania, 0745-501-500

Family Event


„We all deserve a magic moment”

     There are important and decisive moments in our lives that should be celebrated as events! Whether it be baptism, birthday party, first celebration, salutation, graduation, or ringing, engagement, either marriage ceremony, marriage anniversary, or any other celebration for the celebration, we are happy to welcome You in our modest home.

      Our many years of experience and passion for gastronomy ensure the excellence, individual taste of each event, with professional and friendly service, of course.

In our two hall, we can seat up to 110 people, the small hall convenient for 35 people, in a large hall for 75 people suitable.

Magic Moments … the moment of magic !

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Making your reservation on any other booking website will cost you 10-15% more in unnecessary commissions. When you book directly with us there are no commissions to pay. You’ll always find our lowest prices here so you can save your money for your trips!